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 Green Suite prepared for Mistress Laecheln

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PostSubject: Green Suite prepared for Mistress Laecheln   August 29th 2008, 1:02 pm

<&Kateryn> I need you to prepare the green suite for a FW, set in special bathing items, oils and perfumes, be sure the linens are tidy and the pillows fluffed, please
<jewel{WI}> yes Mistress
* jewel{WI} rises swiftly and hurries up the Inn stairs to the Free Women's wing and moves along the hall to the green suite
* +Laecheln smiles at Kateryn
* {wolfsong} slips silently behind her sister, goosing her on the ass as she moves in front of her
* &Kateryn smiles back
* jewel{WI} slipping inside the crack opened by the door, scurries to the lamp on the far table and strikes a match to light the wick, then opens the window for fresh air, then hurries about the duties of preparing the suite for the Free Woman, making sure the sheets are fresh and silky to the skin
<&Kateryn> the girls will do a good job with it Laecheln
* +Laecheln smiles nodding
<+Laecheln> Im sure they will.... you got wonderful girls here
<&Kateryn> yes they are, we cherish them
* {wolfsong} slips over to the cupboard...pulling out the fluffiest comforter and the silkiest sheets, she slips them onto the bed...running her fingers over the emerald green silk, she flips the comforter to cover...the deepest emerald covering the sheets before she turns to the cases for the pillows...
* jewel{WI} moves into the bath chamber and lights the fire under the water burner to heat the contents, then finds the fluffiest of pale green towels with flowers on the inset and shakes them laying over a low chair, places several fines smelling scents of oil close to the tub
* {wolfsong} fluffs the goose down pillows before slipping the covers over the pillows softness, she puts them at the head of the bed...
* jewel{WI} sets out a soft robe for after the bath, then some hair brushes and other things a Free Woman might be in need of, then slips into the main suite and watches her sister at her work
* {wolfsong} perks for a moment, and dashes out of the room...moving quietly to the cabinets in the hall, she draws out a small box...a happy smile passing over the fullness of her lips, she turns back to the room...setting the small gift box on the dressing table in front of the mirror
* jewel{WI} moves to the suite windows and plucks some flowers in bloom and places them on a small table in a vase and fills with water, then smiles nodding to sis
* {wolfsong} slips down to the kitchen, setting upon a small tray a single glass...she turns to the shelf again and draws a small pitcher...quick moves dash her into the chill of the cold room where she draws the frigid water to fill the pitcher...with a bump of her hip, she shuts the door tight before placing the pitcher on the tray...
* {wolfsong} scoots quickly back to the wing to place the tray on the night table for the Mistress' thirst in the night...
* jewel{WI} smiles to her sister nodding her head then slips to the door
* &Kateryn smiles as I see the girls coming back
* {wolfsong} skips in behind her sister...
* jewel{WI} hurries back to the feet of the Mistress, winking to the Master then softly says
<&Kateryn> very nice girls, thank you both, and please return to whence you were before
<jewel{WI}> Mistress the green suite is ready
<jewel{WI}> yes Mistress, thank you
<{wolfsong} > yes Mistress, thank you
* &Kateryn smiles and hands the single skeleton key to Laecheln for the Green Suite that now belongs to her
* +Laecheln smiles and hugs Kateryn thank you
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Green Suite prepared for Mistress Laecheln
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