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 8/2/08 the collaring of sadiya{WI}

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PostSubject: 8/2/08 the collaring of sadiya{WI}   August 3rd 2008, 9:32 am

* &Kateryn looks to the doorway
* kyla{T_I} kneels at the door and bows her body fully to the floor . .. . putting her cheeks to the floor, allowing auburn locks to fall where they may . . . may i enter?
* jewel{WI} turns head to the side and looks seeing the girl kneeling by the entrance
<&Kateryn> come in kyla
* kyla{T_I} moves to the slave furs and then kneels quietly
<kyla{T_I}> <sigh>
<NakiaTolaria> Tal and greets
<~Tarl_Redhair> Tal NakiaTolaria
<&Kateryn> Tal NakiaTolaria
* kyla{T_I} smiles at Mistress Nakia as she graces the door
<&Kateryn> thank You for coming
<+NakiaTolaria> np
* jewel{WI} looking upon the Mistress that has entered and softly speaks her greeting
<&Kateryn> how is second life treating You?
<jewel{WI}> Greetings to you Mistress
<+NakiaTolaria> wonderful it's a fresh start for me
<~Tarl_Redhair> thats good
<&Kateryn> excellant I am glad to hear it, we all need that sometimes, the matter at hand is this one here
* &Kateryn points at kyla on the slave mats
<+NakiaTolaria> ai
<&Kateryn> You wish to sell the girl, I wish to buy her, what is Your price, please?
<+NakiaTolaria> she was placed in My care by Jason and since they are no longer facing the same situation and I am preparing to leave irc more than likely for good
<&Kateryn> I see
<+NakiaTolaria> as Andras already has for the most part
* &Kateryn nods
<+NakiaTolaria> there is no price
<+NakiaTolaria> I cannot see it to abandon a girl and she has expressed desire to be here
* ~Tarl_Redhair Listens
<&Kateryn> what is that You require, to turn the girl over to Us? I give You My word she will have a loving and stable home where she can heal and grow
<~Tarl_Redhair> and mine
<+NakiaTolaria> I need nothing
<+NakiaTolaria> I know of Tarl and I respect Him
* &Kateryn smiles and nod and looks to Tarl and smiles
<~Tarl_Redhair> Thank you
<+NakiaTolaria> and the girl's interest is enough...a girl who desires to be of a home will honor that home
<~Tarl_Redhair> yes
<+NakiaTolaria> and that is my price of her that she bring honor to the steel of this home and Yourselves
<&Kateryn> Thank You Nakia, then the only thing left is for You to remove Your collar and for Tarl to replace it with the WI collar
<+NakiaTolaria> kyla to foot
<kyla{T_I}> yes Mistress
<~Tarl_Redhair> One thing 1st
* +NakiaTolaria listens
* kyla{T_I} moves swiftly over to Mistress NakiaTolaria and kneels before her making sure knees are firmly together . . .
<~Tarl_Redhair> if she breaks our laws I will not keep her
* jewel{WI} looks up listening
<+NakiaTolaria> if she breaks your laws I expect you would kill her
<~Tarl_Redhair> no
<~Tarl_Redhair> ban her
<+NakiaTolaria> she is a slave and would deserve no less for offenses
<~Tarl_Redhair> so will our allies
* &Kateryn nods
<~Tarl_Redhair> very good
* +NakiaTolaria nods
<+NakiaTolaria> I do not expect this one will cause you grief...I've seen the fire in her
<~Tarl_Redhair> let us proceed then
<~Tarl_Redhair> I am sure:)
<~Tarl_Redhair> Tal Arelyn
<&Kateryn> Tal Arelyn
<Arelyn> Tal Tarl
<+Arelyn> Tal Kateryn
* +NakiaTolaria kneels down and takes a key from the pouch at her side and unlocks the TI steel and cathes as it drops into Her hand
<+Arelyn> Tal NakiaTolaria
* +NakiaTolaria takes the girl's chin in Her hand and looks into her eyes
* kyla{T_I} is now known as kyla
* kyla is now known as unnamed
<+NakiaTolaria> you serve well your new owners girl or I will hunt you myself
<unnamed> yes Mistress
<+NakiaTolaria> now off and beg the steel you desire
<unnamed> yes Mistress
<~Tarl_Redhair> unnamed do you beg the collar of this house?
<unnamed> aye Master, please i have seen the honor here . .. .
* +NakiaTolaria stands and places the steel into Her pouch and slips back into the shadows
<&Kateryn> thank You Nakia, I have found great respect for You this day
<~Tarl_Redhair> Thanks NakiaTolaria
<unnamed> although i have not served long, i do desire to learn . .
* ~Tarl_Redhair takes out a collar with the WI name on it
<+NakiaTolaria> Honor on Your house and Your lives
<~Tarl_Redhair> one that is black with silver inlay
* +NakiaTolaria smiles and slips out
* ~Tarl_Redhair Snaps the collar upon unnamed's neck... locking it
<~Tarl_Redhair> you are now sadiya{WI}
<~Tarl_Redhair> register the name
* &Kateryn smiles brightly
<~Tarl_Redhair> and change your whois
<sadiya{WI}> yes Master
<~Tarl_Redhair> go now and do this
<sadiya{WI}> will do
<~Tarl_Redhair> welcome home sadiya
<&Kateryn> let it reflect that you are unrestricted yellow silk, sadiya
* sadiya{WI} blinks
<~Tarl_Redhair> good
* &Kateryn smiles to the girl brightly
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8/2/08 the collaring of sadiya{WI}
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