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 6/27/08 jewel's branding and more...

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PostSubject: 6/27/08 jewel's branding and more...   June 28th 2008, 1:54 pm

* ~Tarl_Redhair Looks at the fire that hold the branding irons

* romani[S] returns to main hall with a smile as he approaches Mistress

Kateryn. Slave folds with agile grace to elegant, modest kneel before the

Mistress to raise strong braceleted arms and cradle chilled vessel within

broad palms high above bowed head. Gentle masculine voice drifts to Her

ears in respectful offering...

<romani[S]> Mistress, romani brings You Larma juice with a splash of Paga,

he prays it refreshes in invogorates You this evening.

* jewel{WI} slips inside the well appointed kitchen and moves to the peg

of well placed horns, eyes of green scans them in search of just the right

one for the Jarl

* ~Tarl_Redhair sees the irons are at the right heat

* &Kateryn takes the glass, sips the liquid, mmmmm suprised and delighted

and sets it down

<&Kateryn> wonderful romani, and a very good serve, too bad I didn't get a

chance to come bug you in the kitchen, next time

* &Kateryn grinz

* romani[S] chuckles

<romani[S]> Most welcome Mistress, romani is glad to have been pleasing

* romani[S] smiles to Master Tarl

<romani[S]> Greetings Master, might romani be of service if it pleases


* &Kateryn leans down and huggles romi

<~Tarl_Redhair> yes

* romani[S] smiles and hugs the Mistress gently as he listens to the


<~Tarl_Redhair> Fetch the 1st aid kit and stand by

* romani[S] cringes a bit and nods quietly

<romani[S]> Yes Master

<&Kateryn> oh, wait

* &Kateryn hands romani the key to the locked cabinet in My chambers

<&Kateryn> you'll need these, I want that fast healing salve also, please

* romani[S] jumps to his feet and bows politely to the Mistress as he

takes the keys

<romani[S]> Yes Mistress

<~Tarl_Redhair> How have you ben KK?

* jewel{WI} stands there and reaches up having the silks skim along the

tender sweet thighs of the slave, her hands reaches for just the right

horn and brings it down to her heart, cradling it there as she turns

toward around, eyes fluttering as she winks at the Jarl, then grabs a rep

cloth and cleans the interior as well as out to perfection, seeking any

flaws as she does so

<+KynKaid> busy as hell Tarl and yourself

<~Tarl_Redhair> same:)

<~Tarl_Redhair> Kate thought I had run off

<~Tarl_Redhair> lol

* romani[S] hurries across the main hall to bound up the stairs quickly

two by two to enter the Master and Mistress' chambers and approaches the

large cupboards at the end of the room to push the key in and turn the

lock. Broad hands reach for the large Physician's box along with the

Healing Salve before locking doors back into place

<~Tarl_Redhair> Kate you will get me dizzy:)

* ~Tarl_Redhair leans over and kisses her

<&Kateryn> sorry, getting Myself dizzy

<@Sha`mar> lol

* romani[S] resists the urge to slide down the banister with a cheeky grin

and walks down slowly, careful to not drop anything and settles back to a

kneel behind the Master and Mistress to hold the box quietly

<@Sha`mar> thats my sis dizzy

* &Kateryn laughs

<&Kateryn> that's right dizzy, just don't call Me lizzy

* ~Tarl_Redhair smiles

<@Sha`mar> lol

* +KynKaid hmms about

<~Tarl_Redhair> Tal Sadi

<+Nyxmyst> Hey Sadi Smile

<@Sha`mar> Tal Sadi
* romani[S] looks up and smiles

* &Kateryn looks to romani

* jewel{WI} moves the several paces towards the container of mead, bending

slightly as it fills, wrinkling nose at the brew smell, turns the tap off

and rises, shakes her hips to settle the silks and skims across the floor

back to the merriment of the Inn and straight to the boots of the Jarl

<&Kateryn> set the items aside and go to your Mistress, lad

<romani[S]> Yes Mistress, thank You

<@Sadistique`> Tal Folks

<&Kateryn> thank you, romani

<@Sadistique`> Heyas Nyxie

* jewel{WI} kneeling there she smiles with a glow about her cheeks as she

offers the horn up to the Jarl, raising it from firm belly to heart and

then a soft kiss of lip before saying

<jewel{WI}> Jarl, may this horn of mead be to you liking and you find

enjoyment from it

* @Sadistique` gives Tarl and Kate a warm hug before settling into her

usual furs cross legged

* +KynKaid smiless to jewel and takes the horn from her and takes a drink

from it.

<+KynKaid> thank you girl it was good

* ~Tarl_Redhair Smiles

* &Kateryn hugs Sadi

<~Tarl_Redhair> Always love hugs from pretty ladies

<jewel{WI}> yes Jarl, thank you for allowing this girl to be of service

<+KynKaid> so how have you been girlie

<&Kateryn> how are You?

* romani[S] rises from his knees to set the box carefully to Master Tarl's

side and the keys to Mistress Kateryn's side to hurry aross the Inn and

drop to elegant kneel before his Owner to press a kiss to Her boot before

settling to Her left

<jewel{WI}> Jarl, this girl has been fine and is happy in this her home,

thank you for inquiring

<+KynKaid> well thats good

* @Sadistique` wraps an arm around her treasure

<@Sadistique`> How's everyone doing tonight?

<+KynKaid> your released girlie

<&Kateryn> Sadi, the lad does you much honor

* @Sadistique` smiles

* jewel{WI} looks up and smiles at the Jarl

* @Sadistique` looks to him

<~Tarl_Redhair> jewel come here

<jewel{WI}> thank you Jarl

* jewel{WI} turns head hearing name

* romani[S] blushes a bit and looks up with a smile

<jewel{WI}> yes Master

* ~Tarl_Redhair Regards jewel

<@Sadistique`> I'm glad to hear he has been pleasing Kateryn

* jewel{WI} turns from the boots of the Jarl, rising with a flushed looked

to her face, the soft waves and curls frame the features as she sleps

quickly to the Master, kneeling before him she softly says

* &Kateryn smiles to Sadi

<jewel{WI}> Greetings Master,

<jewel{WI}> how may jewel be of service

<~Tarl_Redhair> you will know in a few ehn

* ~Tarl_Redhair Reaches and picks up jewel

* ~Tarl_Redhair walks over to the branding rack

* ~Tarl_Redhair Ties her to it

* jewel{WI} gasps softly feeling the strength of the Master,

* jewel{WI} stuggles slightly but hardly moves

* ~Tarl_Redhair Fetches the branding iorn

* jewel{WI} eyes of green open wide as she bites her lip looking at the


* ~Tarl_Redhair Walks back to jewel and removes her silks

<~Tarl_Redhair> prepare your self jewel

<jewel{WI}> yes Master

* jewel{WI} winces as she closes her eyes and holds very still

* romani[S] cringes a bit and looks away, resting forehead to his

Mistress' shoulder

<~Tarl_Redhair> Sadi if you dont mind I will need romi's service after

branding her

* &Kateryn watches

* @Sadistique` chuckles at romi and nods to Tarl

<@Sadistique`> Sure Tarl

<~Tarl_Redhair> thanks Sis



<@Sha`mar> owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

* jewel{WI} cries out at the searing of flesh, tears cascade from closed

eyes and slide down cheeks

* romani[S] winces in sympathy for jewel and rubs the large S branded on

his shoulder

* @Sha`mar looks at the girls skin burning

* ~Tarl_Redhair Takes it off her admring the cursive script spelling WI

* &Kateryn reaches for the super fast healing salve

<@Sadistique`> Go assist Tarl, romi

* jewel{WI} lets out a long breath

<~Tarl_Redhair> romi see to your sister

<romani[S]> Yes Mistress

<romani[S]> Yes Master

* ~Tarl_Redhair puts the iron away

* jewel{WI} shakes and shudders in spasms of tears at the burning pain,

eyes glazed over with wetness as she glances to see the brand

* ~Tarl_Redhair Returns to his furs

* &Kateryn narrows My eyes watching and opens the small vat

* romani[S] jumps to his feet to harta across the Inn and hurries to pick

up the Healing Salve along with a fresh clean bandage. Quickly approaches

his sister to gently apply the salve, careful to not cause any damage and

smiles in sympathy to her before gently pressing the clean bandage

* @Sha`mar looks good jewel, good job

<&Kateryn> bring her to Me when you are done, romani

<&Kateryn> please

* @Sha`mar stands up and takes a look at jewel as I walk into the darkness

<@Sha`mar> be well all

<romani[S]> Yes Mistress

<&Kateryn> be well Sis

* jewel{WI} a timid smile as she stammers still in tears as she feels the

cooling of the salve, the tender touch of romani makes the pain seem to

lessen with his touch

<~Tarl_Redhair> romi when you are done fetch the best wine we have

* romani[S] smiles and unties jewel from the rack to give her a warm hug.

Strong arms lift her up and carry her over to Mistress Kateryn to set her

down gently before the Mistress before bowing to Master Tarl's command...

"Falarian Wine, then Master?"

<~Tarl_Redhair> yes

* @Sadistique` eyes his firm behind and wolf whistles as he walks past and grins

<~Tarl_Redhair> serve all here romi

<romani[S]> Yes Master

* &Kateryn pulls jewels into a warm gentle hug, stroking her hair, murmering gentle soothing words in her ear

* jewel{WI} wipes the tears with the back of her hand as she bids romi thank you, and leans to the Mistress and hugs her close feeling her gentle hands and soft soothing words

* ~Tarl_Redhair Looks upon jewel... his face softing a bit

* romani[S] chuckles as he hears the whistle and walks past his Owner with a cheeky wink to Her before hurrying past to enter the kitchen and approach upper shelves to retrieve four fine crystal goblets. Dry clean repcloth wipes aay any dust that might have settled and buffs up brilliant shine to each before resting them to large silver tray...

* @Sadistique` grins

* jewel{WI} hugs the Mistress as her eyes move towards the Master and puts a soft smile on her lips to the Master of the Inn

* &Kateryn smoothes the girls hair down

* ~Tarl_Redhair smiles to jewel

<~Tarl_Redhair> You did well jewel

* jewel{WI} bites her tongue then answers softly

<jewel{WI}> yes Master, thank you

<+KynKaid> night yall

<~Tarl_Redhair> be well KK

<@Sadistique`> Be well

<&Kateryn> be well KK

* jewel{WI} squirming gently as she slips to her knees at the Mistress feet

* jewel{WI} turns to the Jarl saying

<jewel{WI}> well wishes Jarl and safe voyaage

* romani[S] embarks on frigid journey towards cold room to glance at shelves and with utmost care lifts the rare and expensive bottle of Falarian Wine from the shelf to hurry out of icy embrace and with a loud pop pulls the cork free to pour equal amounts to each goblet before setting bottle in the middle of the tray and lift it to carry it back to main hall

* romani[S] smiles as he approaches the Master of the Home and with a reverent bow offers the tray up to Him first so He may choose the golbet He prefers with whispered tones... "Your wine, Master"

* ~Tarl_Redhair Takes the goblet

* jewel{WI} tugs on the Mistress robe as she softly begs

<jewel{WI}> Mistress may jewel have permission to go to Master

* romani[S] smiles politely as he turns with the same reverence to Mistress Kateryn, lifting tray up to within Her reach.. "Mistress,

Your wine, romani hopes You enjoy"

<~Tarl_Redhair> Tal Tersa

<@Sadistique`> Tal, Tersa

<+Tersa> Tal everyone

<&Kateryn> yes go

<jewel{WI}> thank you Mistress

* &Kateryn releases jewel and takes a goblet smiling and nodding to romani

* jewel{WI} rises with careful motion as to not cause any addition stress to thigh and moves slowly towards the Master as she kneels close to his boots leans forward to brush her lips to them and softly murmurs

<jewel{WI}> Master, this girl is very happy to be now fully of this home, thank you for marking and making her your property

<~Tarl_Redhair> you are welcome:)

* romani[S] sets the tray to the Master and Mistress' table to pick up the last goblet in both hands to approach his Owner....

<~Tarl_Redhair> stay where you are

* ~Tarl_Redhair Stands and faces the Sardar Mountains

* ~Tarl_Redhair pours some wine to the floor

<~Tarl_Redhair> Ta Sardar Gor

<~Tarl_Redhair> a toast

* romani[S] fixes ebony gaze on the Amazon that owns his heart and soul as he folds to sinful nadu before Her. Chilled vessel presses against raging inferno of slave belly before it traces a frigid path to rest against beating heart. Slave lips press a kiss to the rim as he lifts the vessel to Her reach and golden curls cascade to veil features as he lifts voice to Her ears...

* &Kateryn lifts My goblet echoing

<&Kateryn> Ta Sardar Gor

<romani[S]> Mistress, Your wine, romani prays each drink brings You pleasure and that he may always be found pleasing in Your eyes

* @Sadistique` lets her dark eyes roam over him for a long silent moment and then smiles, takes the goblet in one hand and a fistful of his curls in another to claim a kiss from his lips before taking a drinkand joining in the toast

* ~Tarl_Redhair Drinks the rest

* &Kateryn drinks down the wine

<@Sadistique`> Ta Sardar Gor, to good friends, good times and good slaves!

<~Tarl_Redhair> Yes!

<&Kateryn> Hear! Hear!

<~Tarl_Redhair> jewel you are the first slave to bear the brand of this home

* &Kateryn realizes Tersa does not have a goblet, quikly grabs one from the tray handing it to her.

* +Tersa grins

<+Tersa> ty

* &Kateryn resumes My place to listen

* romani[S] closes his eyes and surrenders to the kiss with a smile before snuggling into Her with a warm content smile

<~Tarl_Redhair> Thus we show how we value you

<~Tarl_Redhair> You are fg of this home

* @Sadistique` smiles

* jewel{WI} looks up with deep green ors, listend to the words of the Master as a smile spread on her lips, cheeks bloom brighten in color

* ~Tarl_Redhair With a growl throws the goblet at the fire!

<@Sadistique`> Congratulations jewel, may you serve with fire each day, girl

* jewel{WI} jumps slightly hearing the clatter

* &Kateryn jumps and laughs

<~Tarl_Redhair> Smile

* jewel{WI} smiles at the Mistress of romani and softly speaks

* &Kateryn claps My hand to My shoulder

<~Tarl_Redhair> welcome home litle jewel

<jewel{WI}> thank you Mistress, this girl will strive with her heart to bring honor and pride to this her home and the Owners of her

* ~Tarl_Redhair Looks around the room

<~Tarl_Redhair> My good friends

<&Kateryn> congradulations jewel

* &Kateryn smiles to Tarl

* ~Tarl_Redhair smiles

* jewel{WI} grins up at the Master with a tear coarsing down her cheek as she softly says

<jewel{WI}> thank you Master, thank you Mistress

<~Tarl_Redhair> I am glad you are here
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6/27/08 jewel's branding and more...
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