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 the collaring of shine{K} 6/23/08

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PostSubject: the collaring of shine{K} 6/23/08   June 24th 2008, 10:27 am

* moonlit smiles up at my Mistress...
<Ki`ara> you have a Mistress moonlit? ok, either i'm blind, or just
outta touch, congrats to Her and you
* Kateryn smiles to Ki`ara
<Kateryn> its a long story Ki`ara
* Ki`ara grins to Kateryn
* moonlit considers the Huntress' words a moment, looks up at Mistress...
<moonlit> my Lady, this does seem just a tad confusing.. perhaps might
moon have a moment to clarify things?
* Kateryn brushes shine's hair with My fingers smothing it all down
<Ki`ara> I wont make you talk about it moonlit if it makes you uncomfy
<Kateryn> yes shine, please do
<moonlit> Thank you my Lady.
<Ki`ara> but sure, if you want to clarify, i would love to know, cat's
are curious things
* moonlit smiles to Her again, and slides back just enough to lift
slender arms, the unmistakable cross of dainty wrists pleading what
she must without a single word, though her voice trembles to follow,
as her head rests lightly upon the smooth round of toned biceps...
<moonlit> my Lady, your light returns, in hopes that once more you
would allow her the pleasure and honor of serving you, belonging to
you, and shining each and every day for you alone. Please, my
Mistress, bring your light home?
* Kateryn considers the beautiful kajira before Me as I listen to her plea
* kazirus smiles watching silently
* Kateryn tears welling up in My eyes as I look upon the girl who long
ago stole My heart away
* Ki`ara blinks, and just smiles softly, glad to have caught that last
bit, her own heart touched by the girl's words
* Kateryn takes her wrists in My hands, and together pulls them to Me,
crying into her hair, hugging her
<Kateryn> you know you never left My heart
* Kateryn breathes and from a clip on My neck, tosses jewels the keys
to the cabinet upstairs....
* moonlit trembles, closing her eyes as she waits, lip caught in her
teeth, crying out with pleasure and painful delight as she is caught
and drawn in, lifting her lips to kiss Her throat so
softly..whispers..."your girl should never have left, Mistress. she
missed you so."
* Sha`mar smiles at Sis and the girl
* jewel{WI} scrables for the key and hurries up the stairs taking them
two at a time and very un slave like but for the Mistress she does
these things
* Kateryn holds the girl, drying My tears on her hair, and letting her
again settle to her knees before Me
<Kateryn> and I should have never let you go
<Kateryn> sometimes, shine, we have to let those we love go, so they
can learn that they really don't want to go at all.
* moonlit leans into Her, fingers brushing at the encompassing arms,
hiding her own tears into Her shoulder, shaking with the happiness she
<moonlit> Yes my Lady, she knows now where it is she is meant to be.
* jewel{WI} scampers across the floor to the Mistress' cabinet and
turns the key in the lock hearing the soft snap as it unlocks, and
reaches inside for a blue velvet sachel and hurries to the top of the
stairs and slowly now walks down properly
<Kateryn> and sometimes, we have to learn ourselves that what we once
possessed, and released, we need desperately to complete our lives and
then we seek only to have it return.
* moonlit blushes and presses into a tighter hug.
* jewel{WI} glances to the all in the Inn, hurries and kneels to the
side of the Mistress and smiles as she offers it up with the keys
<Kateryn> I love you, shine, I always have and I always will.
<moonlit> Your light loves you, Mistress. So much, that without you
there is naught but shadow and sadness.
<jewel{WI}> Mistress, here is the special shachel from the cabinet,
she prays that it will always be bright and shiny
* Kateryn releases the girls back to her knees.... and takes the
sashel from jewels with a whispered 10 thank you jewels 6 smiles to
jewel and sniffles a bit and smiles to the shiney one.
* jewel{WI} grins happily to the Mistress then to moon before
returning to the slave furs
* moonlit kneels back, biting her lip again as she offers a smile to
jewel in thanks, lifting her eyes to Mistress, the dark chestnut
sprinkled with moisture.
* Kateryn takes out the blue and steel chrome collar, clears My throat
with a utum, trying to get the frog out so I can speak again, and
turns the lock opening the collar and inspects the {K}...
* Kateryn breathes and with a click locks the collar upon My girl's
neck, not being able to help Myself but tears up again...
<Kateryn> you are now shine{K} as you once were and for always from
this day forward will be again.
* moonlit cannot help but smile as she sees the familiar collar,
fingertips holding her knees so she does not fly back into Her arms as
the lock's quiet click once more seals her heart to Hers..
* moonlit is now known as shine{K}
<shine{K}> Yes my Lady! Thank you!!
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the collaring of shine{K} 6/23/08
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