Dedicated to the activities within the Gorean channel #Warrior_Inn.
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 Daily Journal Last Post

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Last Post   October 11th 2008, 11:18 pm

matan would like to take this opportunity to thank his Mistress for all the wonderful things She did for him, the places She took him, the people She introduced him to, the things She taught him, and the happy times they spent together. He will never forget Her and will always love Her. There is no Mistress like Mistress Laecheln nor will there ever be. And now matan will never be a slave to another Mistress which is a most fitting end.

matan would like to take this opportunity to thank Mistress Kateryn for Her kindness and generousity in letting him stay here and to serve in the Inn and in the end to let him die here. At least it wasn't a lonely death.

matan thanks those who have followed his blog which perhaps illustrates how a slave can have so many ups and downs before finding out that Gor is the most cruel and unforgiving of places. Life is cheap and not valued, loyalty counts for nothing and love has no meaning. If any would be slave reads this please be warned and learn from matan's demise. Obey at all times without question, for your life depends on it.

This is matan, ex collared slave of Mistress Laecheln and late of Warrior Inn, signing off for the last time.
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Daily Journal Last Post
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