Dedicated to the activities within the Gorean channel #Warrior_Inn.
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 matan's last post

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PostSubject: matan's last post   October 11th 2008, 10:18 pm

06[02:28] * Laecheln walks over and jerks the collar off matan ....
06[02:28] * Laecheln walks to the fire throwing the collar in the fire
[02:29] <&Kateryn> I need to afk a moment, matan, do not leave without talking to Me first
[02:29] <&Kateryn> I'll be right back
06[02:30] * jewel{WI} looks over to matan and whispers
[02:31] <@Marcuss> I need to go to my dog needs out
[02:31] <@Marcuss> brb
06[02:33] * jewel{WI} looks at matan and indicates his name again
[02:33] <jewel{WI}> matan change you nick please
06[02:34] * [matan]L looks at jewel
[02:34] <jewel{WI}> don't ask questions --- do it NOW
06[02:34] * jewel{WI} starts to glare at him with the looks of a angry first girl
[02:35] <&Kateryn> matan you need to take the L off your nick
[02:35] <@Marcuss> back
[02:35] <&Kateryn> and the brackets off your name
[02:35] <jewel{WI}> welcome back Mistress
[02:35] <nimba{Marrcus}> welcome back Master
06[02:35] * [matan]L looks at Mistress Kateryn
[02:36] <jewel{WI}> welcome back Master
[02:36] <@Marcuss> ty jewel
[02:36] <jewel{WI}> matan change the nick now
06[02:36] * [matan]L turns and looks at his Mistress
[02:36] <Laecheln> Welcome back Marcuss
[02:36] <@Marcuss> ty Laecheln
[02:37] <&Kateryn> do you disobey boy?
[02:39] <&Kateryn> matan, do you hear ME?
01[02:40] <[matan]L> yes Mistress this slave hears You
06[02:40] * &Kateryn is patient
[02:42] <&Kateryn> its not that difficult... type: /nick matan
06[02:42] * [matan]L walks around the room looks at everyone and goes to kneel on the slave furs
[02:42] <jewel{WI}> matan -- change the name
06[02:43] * [matan]L looks at his Mistress again
[02:43] <&Kateryn> you are no longer owned matan
[02:44] <jewel{WI}> matan you need to change you name boy -- here and now -- so this can be the start of a new beginning for you
[02:45] <jewel{WI}> so just change you nick
01[02:45] <[matan]L> me rises to his feet and walks over to his Mistress and kneels before Her and bows his head and then looks up into Her eyes
[02:45] <@Wraith^> atan do what you are told NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:46] <@Wraith^> matan
[02:46] <Laecheln> Wraith for a month he has refused to obey ... he says he is entitled to the collar and he refuses to take it off
06[02:47] * [matan]L hears Master Wraith and what his Mistress says and looks down
[02:48] <&Kateryn> go to the center of the room, matan, and kneel there, hands behind your back
[02:48] <@Wraith^> change your nick NOW!!!!!!
06[02:48] * jewel{WI} watches
06[02:49] * &Kateryn nods to Wraith
[02:49] <&Kateryn> enough
06[02:49] * [matan]L rises to his feet and goes to the centre of the room kneeling with his hands behind his back
03[02:50] * [matan]L is now known as matan
06[02:51] * @Wraith^ stands moves toward matan grabbing him by the hair lifting him...... pulls out a dagger pushes it into his neck... pulling the razor sharp across his neck seperating head from body
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matan's last post
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