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 Daily Journal Sunday 28 September 2008

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Sunday 28 September 2008   September 28th 2008, 10:26 pm

Time can be a hinderance to matan as much as he tries not to let it do so. In a way matan comes to the Inn from the future. Six hours is the norm give or take an hour depending on where you are. Tiredness is probably matanís worse enemy as this is often where he can make careless errors. Not that he would have it any other way as his continuing presence on Gor to serve his Mistress is so important to him.

Matan had two delightful surprises today because not only was he permitted to serve his Mistress again (he had never served Her ale before) but there was a visit from one of the former slave girls from the Cove who he hadnít seen in ages. It was lovely to see her again and he hopes she will return soon now that she knows what a wonderful home the Inn is.
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Daily Journal Sunday 28 September 2008
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