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 Daily Journal Thursday 25 September 2008

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Thursday 25 September 2008   September 26th 2008, 9:37 pm

matan did things that he never thought he woud today. Not only was he permitted to serve again but he was unexpectedly priviledged to be allowed to attend his Mistressís FC ceremony to the Master Ah`Kaga. matan could not help but be dazzled by Her radiant beauty and knelt in silent awe throughout the ceremony before being permitted to help serve the guests afterwards.

matan was so impressed by all the hard work done by Mistress Kateryn and jewel to ensure everything was prepared so beautifully beforehand. After it all was over matan had the best nightís sleep in quite a while as the pain from his wounds becomes ever more subdued.
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Daily Journal Thursday 25 September 2008
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