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 FC of Ah`Kaga and Lady Laecheln

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PostSubject: FC of Ah`Kaga and Lady Laecheln   September 24th 2008, 4:14 pm

Preparations the day before:

* Kateryn takes delivery of three wagons of flowers, mostly Desert Veminium, a purplish flower, Thentis Veminum, a blusish flower, and flaminiums, along with white dina's with their yellow centers

* Kateryn directs the wagon slaves to place the flowers in and around the garden, along with several flowering bushes, trees and plants.

<Kateryn> jewels, take that basket of flowers there... *points to it* and string them for a crown for the Lady, please

* Kateryn takes another basket and arranges the flowers, ties them with ribbon.

<Laecheln> Told him ... you are getting everything ready ... and he said remind her nothing big

* Kateryn directs the wagon slaves to set up the table in the Gazebo, as I go to the closet and take out a white cloth cover for it

* Kateryn places a simple non ornate boquet of flowers on the table, along with a quill, holder, and ink

* Kateryn strings garland about the Gazebo

* jewel{WI} moves to the basket the Mistress indicated and sits down on the slave mat and takes them out spreading them out -- looking for the best ones that will last with the long activities

* jewel{WI} picks up the dina's first and starts to weave them into a garlands of small white flowers making the centers point outward, then takes the Veminium because the color of purple is bright and shows well, laces them between the garland of white

* jewel{WI} each flower used is with care and love, placing them to show their beauty as well as the person wearing them

* jewel{WI} looks up and smiles

* Kateryn goes to the kitchen, grabs a stool, sets it in front of the cabinets, climbs up on it taking down a velvet box, setting it on the counter, moving back the stool

* Kateryn smiles as I move over to sit next to My Sis, velvet box in hand...

* Laecheln looks at her with interest

* Kateryn opens the box to show her a large single, golden goblet

<Laecheln> oh thats pretty

<Kateryn> this is should do nicely

* jewel{WI} glances again at the garland in hand, looks around finding several streamers of ribbons in violet white and yellow works them in with the flowers and smiles seeing the way they looks strung together with the crown of flowers, rises and moves over to her Mistress showing her the work

<jewel{WI}> Mistress is this appropriate for the Mistress -- holds the crown for her to inspect

<Laecheln> its beautiful

* jewel{WI} smiles then wraps it in a damp cloth then several dry one and moves to the cold room to set it on a top shelve to keep cool

* Kateryn smiles as I wait for jewel to return from the cold room

<Kateryn> jewels

* jewel{WI} returns carring a pitcher of ramberry juice and slips it to the table by the Mistress's, moves to the cabinet and brings out two fine etched glasses with what could be dina's on it, checks it with a repcloth then places it before each Mistress

* Kateryn watches the girl smiling

* jewel{WI} smiles as she goes to the shelf and brings out a bottle of sul paga and places it to the table, pouring some juice and than some sul paga to each glass and smiles

* Kateryn sets the velvet box to the table

<jewel{WI}> Mistress's this gril offers to you the freshness of fruit and the extra smidge of pleasure she prays it will be pleasing to each this day

* Kateryn takes up the goblet nearest Me and takes a long drink

<Kateryn> very good jewels

* Laecheln takes the other and sips a bit

<Laecheln> go get one for yourself girl

<Kateryn> I need you to clean and polish the goblet in the velvet box and put it on the table in the gazebo, while I go see the baker

<jewel{WI}> yes my Mistress

* Kateryn drinks the sul paga, ramberry juice mixture down

* Kateryn flies up the stairs, into My chambers, puts on blue street veiling a slightly darker color than My gown, and comes back, to stroll out the front door and down the street to the bakery

* Kateryn speaks personally with the baker, arranging delivery of a small and simple cake, with only two tiers, in their caste color, yellow, with purple accents.

* Kateryn pays the baker with a single silver tarsk for the task, and arranges delivery for tomorrow afternoon, then returns to the Inn, nearly out of breath.

* Kateryn smiles as I return

<Kateryn> that should do it then, unless You can think of something I have forgotten?

* jewel{WI} smiles to the Mistress who is already starting to shake, smiles as she takes the box gently in hand and moves off to the corner to polish it until it glissens with the sun

* Laecheln smiles at the veiled one from behind my veils

* Kateryn quickly removes My veils, feeling rather encumbered by them and knowing the Ubar would not be pleased to see Me thusly, even if He is not present.

* jewel{WI} smiles as she works on the goblet shining the design and looking at it in the light to be sure it sparkles then shines it still more as the Mistress's talk of veils and other preparations a FW does for a FC ceremony

* jewel{WI} finishes the shining on the goblet and places it back in the velvet box for tomorrow

* Kateryn watches jewels and smiles

<Laecheln> smiles

* jewel{WI} returns the box to her Mistress for safe keeping

* jewel{WI} smiles back
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PostSubject: Perparations the day of...   September 25th 2008, 5:12 pm

* jewel{WI} slips in carrying a broom and bucket with some soap flakes and old rep-cloth rags
<jewel{WI}> greetings Mistress
<@Laecheln> tal jewel
* jewel{WI} kneels as she advances to the slave mat and settles glancing at the Mistress who will be very busy later
* &Kateryn swishes down the stairs bright blue jacquard brocade alive with pearl accents and white lace
* jewel{WI} looks up from the slave mat where she still has the bucket and broom waiting to go up to the Master Ah`Kaga's chambers to prepare it for the FC'd couple
* &Kateryn sits in My chair, back straight, the lace at the high neckline reaching the bottom of My chin as the frilly sleeves float over the arm rests
<&Kateryn> Tal Sis
<&Kateryn> greetings girl
* jewel{WI} smiles at her Mistress
<jewel{WI}> Greetings this day my Mistress
* &Kateryn smiles
<&Kateryn> so I'm going again now, I shall return in a few hours, the baker is to deliver the cake this afternoon, do set it up
<&Kateryn> so I'm going again now, I shall return in a few hours, the baker is to deliver the cake this afternoon, do set it up somewhere in the garden picnic area, please when it comes
* jewel{WI} gathers up the bucket and broom and heads up the stairs to the now well known door of the Master Ah`Kaga and trainer of this girl.
* jewel{WI} bumps the door with her hip and moves inside, setting down what she is carrying and hurries and opens all the windows so it will have a fresh clean air smell and not a musty Masterly smell
* jewel{WI} seeing the Chambers with a critical eyes slips off her soft blue silks and places them to the side out of the way, she beings by stripping the Masters sleeping couch
* jewel{WI} moves into the bathing chamber to prepare that, kneels by the large body washing basin and scrubs it clean washing down the any possible dirt, then using a cloth spreads sweet lavender oil along the surface to let it smell fresh and when water is added will let out a mild aroma of serenity
* jewel{WI} draws out fresh towels from the chest and arranges them to be pleasing for the newly FC'd to use. Skips over to the sleep couch and takes some dried lavender stems and brushes it along the top then quickly makes up the coach, then brings out the broom and sweeps the entire floor, moving the chests and furs out of the way, then on hands and knees scrubs down the floor,
* jewel{WI} backing up slowly as she cleans, gathers up the old cloth from the bed and bath and pushes them out the door then finishes up the floor leaving the door open so the air circulates and dries
* jewel{WI} takes the bucket and old lines down to the kitchen placing what needs to be away and the rest out to be washed and clean later.
* jewel{WI} collects some flowers from down in the Inn and makes a refreshing bouquet for the Chambers and takes it up in a vase setting it on the low table, returns items to the proper place, moving the slaves chain under the couch and smiles already smelling the freshness of the camber
* jewel{WI} finishes up and leaves the windows slightly open and heads down the stairs after closing the door

* jewel{WI} returns and smiles sweetly to the Mistress who was watching her
* @Laecheln returns the smiles from behind veils
* jewel{WI} twiddle fingers to the Mistress as she continues her duties of preparations for this evening
* jewel{WI} hears a wagon pull up outside the Inn, hurries to see who it is and directs the slave that brings the lovely cake for tonight to the area where the festivities will be held
* jewel{WI} moving with the slave tell him where to place it, stands back and looks at it, thinking it needs to be turned some, then looks around for something to perhaps make it rise up from the table and be more visible
* jewel{WI} thinks for a moment sending the delivery slave on its way, runs back to the Inn and hurries into the kitchen and looks around, seeing some odd matched crystal glasses of the same height, gathers them up in her hands and runs back to the gazebo
* jewel{WI} panting from the fast movement, she shakes her tresses of brown gently then moves the cake out of the way, and starts turning them up and placing some flowers into them with water then another layer of glasses, smiles seeing how it is looking, tucks flowers between them in hues of lavender, yellow and white
* jewel{WI} stands back and examines it again, once satisfied then places the cake on the top of the glass flower tier, thinking yes this will be a nice center piece and is at a good height also to be sliced into later. smiles as she rearranges the flowers about the table then hugs herself before returning to the Inn
* jewel{WI} finding the velvet case and its contents takes it also out to the garden area, seeing that it is placed near for the ceremony, checks on where the half barrels are placed and making sure they are filled with the proper amount of ice to chill the bottles of wine
* jewel{WI} examining everything carefully, making sure all is in place, she looks back at the Inn again then at the grandness this night will be, returns to the Inn to see what else might need to be handled.

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PostSubject: The Ceremony Scroll...   September 27th 2008, 2:38 pm

September 25, 2008
* Tarl_Redhair Looks around
* Kateryn smiles rises, and takes Tarl's hand
* Tarl_Redhair takes Kate's hand
* jewel{WI} moves out of the way and to the side

<Ah`Kaga> I rise and turn to my Lady
* Laecheln looks up at him rising
* {la`tina}JMac savory hazels watch

<Tarl_Redhair> Family and friends
* {la`tina}JMac listens while holding on to Masters strong legs
<Tarl_Redhair> Tonigght we have gathered to witness the FC ship between Ah`Kaga and Laecheln
* {la`tina}JMac luscious lips part to a beaming smile
<Tarl_Redhair> Let us now go the the gazebo
* Tarl_Redhair Leads the way with Kate
* Kateryn smiles to Tarl as I walk with Him
* Ah`Kaga follows with my intended

<Ah`Kaga> offers her my arm
* Tarl_Redhair indicates all be seated
* Laecheln takes his arm following along
* jewel{WI} rises and follows the free out to the garden that has been prepared for this happy event
* {la`tina}JMac lifts heeling to the left of Master ICE-BEAR
* Marcuss smiles at his girl
* nimba{Marrcus} moves quickly to her Master and kneels beside Him
* Kateryn moves to stand next to Laecheln opposite of Tarl
* ICE-BEAR strides to a vantage point to observe and witness the happy moment

<Tarl_Redhair> It is time
* Ah`Kaga smiles
<Tarl_Redhair> Claim your FC Bro
<Ah`Kaga> I turn to her and do so
<Ah`Kaga> taking her in my arms
<KynKaid> holy shit
<KynKaid> Tal and Greetings to all that came in while I was afk >.>
<Tarl_Redhair> Settle in KK
<Tarl_Redhair> an excellent begining
* Ah`Kaga turns to my Brother and hands him the contract
<Ah`Kaga> The formalities have been met and followed
* Tarl_Redhair Reads it
* Tarl_Redhair nods
* Tarl_Redhair Sets his seal on it

<Ah`Kaga> my FC and I present it to you my Brother as formal witness
<Tarl_Redhair> It is done
* Kateryn hands the quill to Ah`Kaga for the symbolic signing
<Ah`Kaga> smiles
<Ah`Kaga> I turn and sign it
* Kateryn watches
<Ah`Kaga> I turn and pass the Quill to Lady Laecheln
* Laecheln takes it and turns to sign smiling softly as I do
* Kateryn watches
* Laecheln holds the quill out for Kateryn
* Kateryn takes the quill, dips it, signs the contract as Witness #2 and blots all the signatures

<Kateryn> it is done
<Ah`Kaga> smiles
* Kateryn looks to Tarl
<Tarl_Redhair> Bro
<Tarl_Redhair> a present for you
<Tarl_Redhair> my invention
* Ah`Kaga turns to accept the gift
* Tarl_Redhair Hands Ah`Kaga a crossbow that holds bolts and can be used to fire spread pattern or tight one

<Tarl_Redhair> the gorean shotgun
* Ah`Kaga bows then accepts the offering
* Kateryn smiles and turns to get a sachel wrapped in brown rence paper

<Ah`Kaga> I reach into my sash and withdraw a ceremonal dagger, the handle sparkles with hand laid inlay's of the WI's insignia
<Ah`Kaga> for you My brother, in gratitude for officiating
<Kateryn> this is for the both of You, a masonry set of tools, because of Your caste
* Tarl_Redhair Bows and accpets the gift
* jewel{WI} moves quietly from the shadows where she has been kneeling watching the ceremony, staying in the evening shadows goes to the golden goblet and fills it with wine

<Tarl_Redhair> Well Met Bro
* Kateryn smiles brightly
* Ah`Kaga turns as I see the girl approaching with the goblet
* jewel{WI} returns the bottle of wine to the base and steps backwards and moves silently away from the area leaving it for the Free and the ceremony

<Ah`Kaga> I lift the goblet in both hands and sip
* Ah`Kaga lowers it then presents it to my Lady
* Laecheln takes it carefully lifting a corner of my veils sipping then placing it on the tables adjusting my veils
* Kateryn smiles and claps

<Kateryn> Congradulations!
* Tarl_Redhair Bangs his hand on his sheild
<Tarl_Redhair> conradulations
<KynKaid> congrats
<Ah`Kaga> thanks Bro!
<Ah`Kaga> thank you Sister
* Kateryn smiles brightly at the two, moving back to stand with Tarl
<Marcuss> congrats
* jewel{WI} nods to the Master Ice-Bear and moves to be behind the Master Ah`Kaga and his FC Mistress Laecheln, kneeling to his left with wrist raised for the pouch dangles she waits for the Master's attention
<Ah`Kaga> I turn to the girl and smile
<Ah`Kaga> yes jewel?
<jewel{WI}> Master,
* jewel{WI} the dangling pouch is offered up
* aria`lobo{Rk} slips up from before Master Wraith, crossing through the lawn she enters into the gazebo...with a sure, steady hand, she fixes the gaze of emerald eyes upon the lovely artistry of the cake...the simple dulled blade of the cutting instrument slipping through the layers of cake, she gently slices off portions to carefully be placed upon each individual plate...slivers of yellow, white, and delicate purples

<Ah`Kaga> thank you jewel
<jewel{WI}> Master this girl brings you a gift from Master ICE-BEAR and she presents now to you
* jewel{WI} turns and smiles looking back at the Master it came from
* aria`lobo{Rk} settles a piece of Companionship Cake for each Guest and home member ... a counting of members present to let her know how many portions before she sets aside a generous portion for safe-keeping for Mistress Laecheln to share later with her Companion...

<Ah`Kaga> I slip my arm through the arm of my Consort and lead her away toward the Inn
<Ah`Kaga> once past the door, I pick her up and carry her up the stairs
* Laecheln wraps my arms around his neck waving to everyone
* Kateryn smiles after them
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PostSubject: Re: FC of Ah`Kaga and Lady Laecheln   

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FC of Ah`Kaga and Lady Laecheln
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