Dedicated to the activities within the Gorean channel #Warrior_Inn.
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 Daily Journal Monday 22 September 2008

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Monday 22 September 2008   September 24th 2008, 9:09 am

matan has just had the thrashing of his life from Master Ah`Kaga. He can hardly walk and ended up crawing into his kennel in agony. He has deep lacerations to his shoulder and his back from the force of the blows from the Masterís whip. This was to teach him a lesson he will never forget for not obeying his Mistress. matan wonít forget and the marks on his battered body will ensure he doesnít. The pain forces matan to lie on his front as his back is so sore. He eventually falls into a deep and disturbed sleep.
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Daily Journal Monday 22 September 2008
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