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 Word of Advice

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PostSubject: Word of Advice   September 23rd 2008, 3:58 pm


jewel has been watching from afar, though she may not be in the Inn lately the news of your displeasing nature is known.

Be aware, jewel is a difficult task mistress when it comes to her first girl duties. Yes, jewel can be a friend, but she also can be your worse nightmare.

Your Mistress has advised me that if there are no Free in the Inn and we happen to be there together, jewel has full command of you just as a Free would. So word of advice dear brother slave, do think you can pull the wool over this girls eyes and think she will be easy or forgiving, when she is in first girl mode beware.

Word of advice; think before responding. Pay attention to the commands and listen fully, no distractions. If jewel see’s you be distracted she does have a quirt the Mistress gave her rights to use, and believe this one she will use it.

If you’re looking for attention well you are going about it the wrong way there brother. Attention for a slave is earned not played with. Every thing we do is earned. Remember that

The questions that comes to mind – is what is distracting you or causing you to not be pleasing? Also, where is that matan that was known before, the boy how understood his place and was an asset?
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Word of Advice
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