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 Daily Journal Saturday 20 September 2008

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Saturday 20 September 2008   September 20th 2008, 7:52 pm

Despite the warnings matan continues to perform the duties of a slave very badly. He does exactly the opposite of what he is told to do. He rarely reaches the low standards he seems to have set himself. It is no surprise to him that when he offers to serve the Free of this home they often make their excuses and leave hurridly. No doubt the word has got around that it is best to wait around until matan leaves or come back later to be served by one of the far more attentive and better trained slave girls of the Inn. And who can blame them?

It really just isnít good enough, he is not a good advert for this home and reflects badly on his Mistress. matan remembers that his former Master was greatly annoyed at losing his services. Well If he could see matan now he would probably be rubbing his hands with delight at getting rid of him. matan can only wonder how much longer his ineptitude will be put up with as he tries desperately to improve himself before it is too late. He crawls into his kennel and pounds his fists in the floor in frustration. Some how, some way he has to get this sorted.
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Daily Journal Saturday 20 September 2008
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