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 Your life, Your Submission, Your Collar

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PostSubject: Your life, Your Submission, Your Collar   September 19th 2008, 1:13 am

I am deeply dissappointed in your actions of late. Not only have you been insubordinate and blatently disobedient, you have been disrespectful of your Mistress by these things. You have mocked Her authority over you and put shame on your collar. I am posting here for you to see but also for Her to see, I have tried with you in PM and it seems My words fall on deaf ears, all in the home will read this and know that you are chastised pubically by Me. If you were My slave or a slave of WI the Ubar would have kick/banned you long ago for causing such grief. you may not be given another chance, you may be thrown from Her forever for this behavior. Also, do not think that WI will buy you and allow you to continue to be near Her by being in a WI collar, you will not have that option. Should your Mistress for whatever reason cut the collar from your throat, or cut your fool head off your shoulders effectively doing away with you and the collar, you will be banned from WI. These are the consecquences of a disobedient slave on Gor. Fruther should it come to this, you will not be allowed contact with jewel{WI} nor with Me.
My suggestion for you is streighten up and do it now! If she allows you another opportunity to do so consider yourself very lucky in that regard.
There are some things you need to learn and you need to learn them yesterday...
1. A slave is to be OBEDIENT.
2. A slave is to be PLEASING.
3. A slave is to be (in your case) HANDSOME.
you have topped from the bottom and it has gotten you nowhere, you have thought of yourself and your wants rather than what your Mistress wants for far too long now.
This is GOR it is not a game, yes we roleplay, yes we expect certain things from slaves who live in our home, and NO YOU HAVE NOT done these things or risen to meet the challenge.
If you love Her you have a funny way of showing it in your blatent disobedience and downright unslavelike behavior.
I hope this hits home for you.
Mistress Kateryn
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Your life, Your Submission, Your Collar
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