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 Daily Journal Wednesday 18 September 2008

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Wednesday 18 September 2008   September 17th 2008, 9:24 pm

For matan it began when he was 9 and the girl next door invited him up to her bedroom and ordered him to kiss her. After he moved away he only saw her once more when he was 13 and then could only admire her from afar. But it was the start of a lifetime of realising that he was always going to be submissive to the female of the species.

Experiences at school left him in no doubt when he was captured by all the girls in his class and held hostage for a short time. Nothing actually happened to him but the effect was astonishing. To be at their mercy reduced him to a quivering wreck and of no doubt about the power of females over him. But at this time the notion of being a slave was a million miles away.

A number of experiences followed including having a very domineering girlfriend who would always order him to do all the cleaning chores in her apartment, the result being it was very clean indeed by the time he left after his weekly visits. Sometimes he was even kept in bondage overnight but she always let him go the following morning. Thus the seeds were sown but it was sometime before they allowed to grow.

About three years ago he came across Gor for the first time but was not properly introduced to it and it seemed a bit unpenetrable to an uninformed newcomer like himself. Then this year whilst by chance he rediscovered it by accidently landing in Mystic Cove where he was welcomed with open arms and he found out that in his heart he really was a slave, not just a submissive. The pivitol moment arrived when Mistress Laecheln visited the Cove and he knew then that he wanted to serve Her above all others. Since then he has not looked back.
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Daily Journal Wednesday 18 September 2008
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