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 Daily Journal Thursday 11 September 2008

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Thursday 11 September 2008   September 11th 2008, 10:09 pm

Each morning when he wakes up matan is never sure what the day will brings but the one thing he can be sure of is that everyone else in the home is fast asleep. It is a time difference that certainly does him no favours. Yet is a small price to pay for the very fortunate position he finds himself in by living here with his Mistress. He would have it no other way. But where does he go from here? Therein lies his problem. He needs to overcome the tiredness and sloopiness that has effected his performance lately particularly towards the end of the evening. His last visit was a perfect example of this when he was deservedly punished by his Mistress for not bidding Her goodnight correctly. He needs to be focused and determined to ensure it does not happen again. He has never been the greatest of typists but just a little more concentration on the task in hand will ensure these silly mistakes are a thing of the past.
Last night matan couldn’t get into the Inn. He hopes a technical problem was to blame and not because he has been banned. But perhaps a short break will do him good but he missed his Mistress so very much, as a day without being in Her presence is a day not really worth living.
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Daily Journal Thursday 11 September 2008
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