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 Daily Journal Wednesday 10 September 2008

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Wednesday 10 September 2008   September 10th 2008, 9:34 pm

matan learns his Mistress is still very disappointed in him which in turn makes him disappointed too. One day he is up, the next he is down. What he must realise is that to wear Her collar is a great honour. He is wearing the collar that shows he belongs to and is owned by his Mistress. This carries with it far greater responsibility to Her than the room collar he was previously used to wearing. The wishes of his Mistress are paramount and all things concerning him are up to Her and Her decision is final. His Mistress comes first and matan has no rights do anything but obey Her or be punished. He can hope that he is treated well and fairly, but he can only hope.
matan has sworn to himself that he will try his upmost to make himself a slave that his Mistress will be proud of, and not one that becomes a burdon and annoyance to Her. Being the slave of his Mistress is the most important thing in matanís life and he is is determined not to lose sight of the fact.
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Daily Journal Wednesday 10 September 2008
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