Dedicated to the activities within the Gorean channel #Warrior_Inn.
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 karissa{WI}'s collaring

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PostSubject: karissa{WI}'s collaring   September 10th 2008, 12:17 am

* @Laecheln turns my attention back to the girl before me
* mishayla smiles happily.
<@Laecheln> mishayla earlier I asked if you had a home and you indicated you didnt
<mishayla> That is correct, Mistress.
<@Laecheln> are you interested in making Warrior Inn your home?
* @Ah`Kaga turns and listens
<mishayla> I came, I'm sure you remember, Last evening, Mistress.. Everyone has been so kind to me since I've entered. I would like to be accepted into this Home, Mistress.. I realize I have a lot of work to becoming worthy of Your Home, but I would like to work towards that Goal, Mistress.
<@Laecheln> If you would like a collar of the home I will be happy to make you a slave of this home
<mishayla> I would, Mistress, be very happy to have a collar of this Home. If I may though, ask why You have chosen to offer such to me, Mistress?
<@Laecheln> because I see potential in you
* mishayla beams.
<mishayla> Thank you, Mistress.
* @Laecheln rises and walks to Tarl holding out my hand for a home collar
* @Ah`Kaga smiles and leans back, eyes upon mishayla
* ~Tarl_Redhair Hands her one.... black with silver inlay and WI insignia inscrbed on it
* @Laecheln smiles taking the collar walking back to mishayla, placing it around her neck locking it in place
* +Marcuss smiles
* ~Tarl_Redhair Watches
<@Ah`Kaga> she needs a name
* @Laecheln looks to Ah`Kaga for a name
* @Ah`Kaga whispers to the Lady
* mishayla extends her arms high, lowering her head, to allow for her neck to be exposed, ready for the collar to be placed about her throat. As she feels the cool steel resting about her throat, feeling it's weight, it's promise of a future as a true kajira, she smiles. A happy slave made this evening indeed, with a simple click of steel.
<@Laecheln> your new name is karissa{WI}
<@Ah`Kaga> welcome home karissa
* mishayla smiles brightly.
* mishayla is now known as karissa{WI}
<@Ah`Kaga> register your name and return. your whois should say "property of WI
<karissa{WI}> May I do so now, Master?
<@Ah`Kaga> aye girkl
<@Ah`Kaga> girl
<@Sha|afk> congrduations karissa welcome to the family
<~Tarl_Redhair> very pretty name
<~Tarl_Redhair> one heck of a collaring
<@Laecheln> LOL
<~Tarl_Redhair> Smile
<+Marcuss> from what little of her I have seen she has a good heart
* karissa{WI} ( has joined #Warrior_Inn
<~Tarl_Redhair> wb karissa
<karissa{WI}> Thank you, Master.
<@Sha`mar> thats a nice name karissa
<@Laecheln> welcome back karissa
<@Sha`mar> serve with fire in your heart and you will be fine
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PostSubject: karissa{WI}'s branding   September 10th 2008, 12:19 am

<~Tarl_Redhair> Brother Ah`Kaga would you do the honor of branding our new kajira
<@Ah`Kaga> aye
<@Ah`Kaga> to me karissa{WI}!
<karissa{WI}> Yes, Master.
* karissa{WI} rising, the russet haired kajira moves with pride in her step, now, an owned kajira. She offers a brilliant smile to Master Ah`Kaga, and melts to widely parted knees, and pale thighs, her backside resting on her heels.
* @Ah`Kaga drinks deep then sets the tankard down on the small table
<@Ah`Kaga> remove that rag girl
<@Ah`Kaga> you will be given silks when Tarl or Mistress Kate believe you have earned them
* ~Tarl_Redhair Continues to watch
<@Laecheln> Would you like me to hold her Ah`Kaga?
* karissa{WI} shifts a bit, to free the garment from around her knees, and crosses her arms before herself, lifting the attire high over her head, folding it, and setting it to the right of herself.
<~Tarl_Redhair> nimba if you are not attending through karissa's fomer garments in the fire
<karissa{WI}> I fear nothing of the brand, Master. I do beg, however for something to bite down into to muffle my cries, if permitted, Master.
<@Ah`Kaga> aye
<@Ah`Kaga> it shall be provided
<@Ah`Kaga> I take the garment from her
<@Ah`Kaga> follow me girl
* nimba{Marrcus} turns to Master Tarl_Redhair softly smiles yes Master
* @Ah`Kaga strides closer to the hearth and tosses the girls rag into the blaze then turns to wait for the girl
<~Tarl_Redhair> It seems Master Ah`Kaga has done it nimba
* karissa{WI} stands, brushing her hair over her shoulders, allowing the russet waves to cascade over her shoulders. She quitely pauses, and walks at the heel of the Master before her. She isn't afraid, but rather nervous if she is worthy of such energy spent.
<@Ah`Kaga> lay here girl
* @Ah`Kaga points to the stone floor before the hearth
<@Ah`Kaga> on your right side
* @Ah`Kaga turns and walks to the small storage area near by and opens the door, reaching in and finding both the iron and the leather gloves
* karissa{WI} As she is offered the place upon the floor, the warmth licking across her tender flesh. Nerves spilled across her body, chilling her to her core, though she smiled brightly, despite. She lowers, rolling up to her right side, her left arm spilling forward, to keep her left side free of obstruction.
<@Ah`Kaga> I drop the gloves near the girl and turning to the hearth, I use a tool and push glowing embers and coals into a pile before slipping the iron into the midst
<@Ah`Kaga> I walk back and select a few lengths of leather strap and a measure of thick rope too
<@Ah`Kaga> settling behind her, I start to bind her, hands placed palm to palm - wrists circled with leather strap . . . not too taut until the cinch knot draws the leather firmly into the flesh
* karissa{WI} she breathes slowly, swallowing back a tear or two that threatened to make itself known, and steadies herself, bracing perhaps for the pain ahead.
<@Ah`Kaga> a second length now for her arms . . . just below the elbows - again circled and tied with the ends well away from probing fingers
<@Ah`Kaga> I turn around and taking the left leg - the one to be marked, and bend it at the knee
* nimba{Marrcus} leans against her Master watching intently
<@Ah`Kaga> the final length of strap is used to bind the leg bent double
<@Ah`Kaga> I rise and put one leather glove on my hand and reach for the iron, drawing it out of the embers to check . . .
* @Ah`Kaga slips it back into the coal
* karissa{WI} trembles at the touch, her tongue lingering on her dried bottom lip, moistening before swirling to moisten the top fold.
* ~Tarl_Redhair Watches
<@Ah`Kaga> I turn and walk to the side to procure the final items - a bucket of water, half filled, the medication and finally, a clean bandage
* +Marcuss leans forward and watches
<@Ah`Kaga> I settle now, straddling the girl and rest upon her to hold her in place with my weight
<@Ah`Kaga> the gloves again . . .
<@Ah`Kaga> one then the other
<@Ah`Kaga> I lean over now and draw the iron out again
<@Ah`Kaga> it is ready
<@Ah`Kaga> glowing now . . . red and orange with heat
* karissa{WI} lightly pumps her fist, focusing on it, rather than the goings on, rather than the eyes all set upon her form that might, if allowed, make her nerves worse. She feels the weight of the Free upon her form, and lightly jumps, though steadies herself. She bites hard into her bottom lip, nearly hard enough to break skin.
<@Ah`Kaga> the sound of metal now, as I rap the iron lightly on the stone to shake loose any ash that would mar the flesh
* ~Tarl_Redhair Nods to his Brother
<@Ah`Kaga> like a flash, I dip the glowing head into the bucket of water, quenching the heat - an explosion of steam erupts!
<@Ah`Kaga> quenched for only a heartbeat, the iron does not glow now, but still retains more then enough heat to mark the girl properly
* karissa{WI} a light yelp escapes her lips as she hears the south of the heat touching cool water, before giggling nervously at herself.
<@Ah`Kaga> I turn back and leaning in, position the iron before pressing it to her flesh
<@Ah`Kaga> One
<@Ah`Kaga> Two
<@Ah`Kaga> Three
<@Ah`Kaga> Four
<@Ah`Kaga> Five
* @Ah`Kaga lifts the iron
<@Ah`Kaga> I rise and place it to the side to cool
<@Ah`Kaga> removing the gloves I reach for the medicine and using the bandage, I carefully apply it
<~Tarl_Redhair> When you are done with her Bro send her to me
<@Ah`Kaga> aye
* karissa{WI} Cries out sharply as she felt the pain of the heat blistering into her skin, marking her flesh. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks, and the bridge of her nose, she bites back the backlash of sobs that came with the pain that still radiated through her thigh.
<karissa{WI}> Th-thank you, Master..
<@Ah`Kaga> I carefully tend the wound then wrap the bandage around it
<@Ah`Kaga> I unbind her, freeing leg and arms
<@Ah`Kaga> helping her to sit up I hand her the ointment
<@Ah`Kaga> apply this to the mark twice a day girl
<@Ah`Kaga> and use a fresh bandage for at least three days
<@Ah`Kaga> I rise and help her up onto her feet
* karissa{WI} immediately her left hand swirls towards her face, scrubbing the tears from her cheeks, and soon her fingers are taken by Master Ah`Kaga. A smile offered, despite the tears that still rolled. She took the ointment in her right hand, and nodded, assuring him that she would heed his message.
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PostSubject: karissa{WI}'s blessings   September 10th 2008, 12:21 am

<@Ah`Kaga> Tarl wishes you before him girl
* karissa{WI} swallows hard and takes a breath of air before she smiles again.
* @Ah`Kaga helps her toward Tarls place releasing her arm when she can walk without assistance
<karissa{WI}> Thank you, Master.
* karissa{WI} Slowly she applies pressure to her left leg, each step offering a throb of heated pain to circulate through the brand on her leg. She smiles lightly, and releases Master Ah`Kaga, bowing her head in thanks for his assistance. Gingerly, the girl lowers to her knees before Master Tarl, and smiles, again, despite the pain.
<karissa{WI}> Greetings, Master, How may I be of use to you this evening, Please?
* @Ah`Kaga turns and picks up the now cool iron and puts it away
* ~Tarl_Redhair Regards her
<@Ah`Kaga> I return to my place and settle again
<@Ah`Kaga> picking up the tankard and drinking once again
<~Tarl_Redhair> karissa there are many personalities in WI... Assassins... Masters... Jarls... Panthers... Free Woman and slaves
<~Tarl_Redhair> They all have one thing in common... they are goreans
<~Tarl_Redhair> You will learn how to please the free and get along with the slaves
<~Tarl_Redhair> I expect you will make some mistakes
<~Tarl_Redhair> but.................
<karissa{WI}> Yes, Master.. and please correct me if I'm wrong.. but I have heard that the Panther Women are twice as fierce as they are beautiful.. and I've heard to approach them as I would an Assassin, Master..
<karissa{WI}> But, Master?
<~Tarl_Redhair> play any games here and you will be out of here before you knew you where in here
<~Tarl_Redhair> do you understand
<karissa{WI}> Full heartedly, Master.
<~Tarl_Redhair> Yes .... Panthers are firece
<~Tarl_Redhair> and Sadistique` is one of the hard ones you will ever mett but she is in our hearts
<~Tarl_Redhair> and the assassins have their ways too
<~Tarl_Redhair> Pleasing is not easy
<~Tarl_Redhair> and of course you have thye last word
<~Tarl_Redhair> kno what that is
* karissa{WI} perks a brow.
<karissa{WI}> I, Master, have the last word?
* ~Tarl_Redhair Steely gaze centers on her
<~Tarl_Redhair> yes
<~Tarl_Redhair> three guess what it is
<@Ah`Kaga> grins!
<~Tarl_Redhair> I will tell you
<karissa{WI}> I would guess that word would be 'No', Master..
* @Sadistique` waits for it
* @Sadistique` shakes her head
<~Tarl_Redhair> Yes Master or Yes Mistress
<~Tarl_Redhair> do you understand me
<karissa{WI}> Oh, yes of course, Master.
<~Tarl_Redhair> then welcome home karissa
<~Tarl_Redhair> I am sure you will make is proud
<~Tarl_Redhair> cause if you dont .......
<~Tarl_Redhair> well
<~Tarl_Redhair> I am sure you will know what will happen
<~Tarl_Redhair> now go to each free person here and ask for their blessing
* karissa{WI} smiles softly.
* karissa{WI} bows before Master Tarl.
<karissa{WI}> Master, I beg to have your blessing first, please.
<~Tarl_Redhair> You will seek mine last
<karissa{WI}> Yes, Master.
* karissa{WI} Rises from her position before him, and eases in her steps towards Master Ah`Kaga, where she would gingerly lower to her knees, and bow forward, her forehead lightly bowing before his boot.
<karissa{WI}> Please, Master, I beg to have your blessing.
* @Ah`Kaga leans forward, caressing the girls cheek
<@Ah`Kaga> aye girl
<@Ah`Kaga> you have my blessing
<@Ah`Kaga> and welcome home
<karissa{WI}> Thank you, Master.
* @Ah`Kaga nods
* @Ah`Kaga motions her to Lady Laecheln next to me
* karissa{WI} A soft kiss was placed to his boot, before she rose and moved before Master Marcuss. She lowered down, as easily as she did before Master Ah`Kaga.
* karissa{WI} Her body bowed, leaving her to hover above his boot. "Please, Master, I beg your blessing."
<+Marcuss> you have my blessing as from what I have seen you have the heart of a slave and I am sure you will make us proud
* karissa{WI} beams proudly, and places a tender kiss upon his boot.
<karissa{WI}> Thank you, Master.
* karissa{WI} Again she rises lingering forward to Mistress Laecheln. With a touch of difficulty, she drifts to her knees, pressing them together as tightly as she might.
<karissa{WI}> Please, Mistress, I beg your blessing.
<@Laecheln> karissa I wish to have a hug first
* @Laecheln reaches out to hug the girl to me
* karissa{WI} wraps her arms tightly around Mistress Laecheln, allowing the scent of her to filter through her nostrils, and warm her slave heart.
* @Laecheln smiles
<@Laecheln> you have my blessing girl now off to Sadistique
* karissa{WI} lightly kisses Mistress Laecheln's cheek. "Thank you, Mistress."
* @Laecheln smiles at the girl
* karissa{WI} She lifts once more, lightly stepping towards Huntress Sadistique.
<karissa{WI}> Huntress, May I approach, please?
* @Sadistique` looks up from her scrolls
* @Sadistique` nods
<@Sadistique`> aye girl, you may
<karissa{WI}> Thank you, Huntress.
* karissa{WI} moved forward, slowly easing to her knees before the woman, and bowed forward.
<karissa{WI}> Please, Huntress, I beg for your blessing.
* @Sadistique` eyes the girl
* @Sadistique` lets her black eyes roam freely over the prone girl, taking her time to appraise the kajira slowly
* karissa{WI} smiles softly as she feels the Huntress' eyes graze her form.
<@Sadistique`> Nadu, kajira
* karissa{WI} rolls upward, her thighs parting widely, her back resting straight. Her chin lifted high, almost pridefully, though her eyes fell downcast. Her hands rested upon her thighs gently.
<karissa{WI}> Yes, Huntress..
* @Sadistique` reaches out a strong arm. Leather clad palm clasps the girl's chin and tilts her face upwards to lock dark gaze with hers, her voice calm, deep but firm..leaving no room for debate or discussion...
* karissa{WI} gasps lightly, teetering slightly, but holds the Huntress' gaze with her own hazel hues.
<@Sadistique`> Although I am a Taluna (A Panther of the South of Gor) and Tarl is a Warrior of Ar, we have known each other for eons now and I hold him as if he was my Brother. I care for him and his FC and his Home, and anyone who brings shame or disruption to Him or Kate or WI instantly begets my wrath, are we clear, kajira?
<karissa{WI}> Crystal, Huntress.
* @Sadistique` smiles and nods...leans forward to press a small kiss to the girl's forhead and utters a few words .."Ga`va shiva, kajira"
<@Sadistique`> That means "Go in peace, slave girl" in Kassar language
* karissa{WI} smiles softly at the tender kiss to her forehead, and the explanation that was on the tip of her tongue to request.
<karissa{WI}> Thank you most kindly, Huntress.
* karissa{WI} A light kiss was given to the Huntress' cheek, and she rose to her full height once more, returning to rest before Master Tarl.
<karissa{WI}> Master, I beg for your blessing, please..
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PostSubject: Re: karissa{WI}'s collaring   

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karissa{WI}'s collaring
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