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 Daily Journal Saturday 6 September 2008

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PostSubject: Daily Journal Saturday 6 September 2008   September 6th 2008, 9:38 pm

Today matan has plenty of cause for reflection. Finding it hard to sleep he tossed and turned in his kennel last night. If only he could control the sudden impulses that inexplicably make him do things against the wishes of his Mistress. Perhaps he thinks he knows best but it quite obvious he doesn't and never will. Why should a simple command be so difficult to follow? What is happening in his head? These questions have weighed heavily on his mind all day today.
He knows how upset his Mistress is with him and there is even talk of selling him. matan trembles at the thought. How can he be saved?
matan resolves to obey without question. This is something he should be adhering to as a matter of course. matan has never wanted anything more than to belong to his Mistress and be Her devoted slave. matan is now well aware that unless he improves 100% he will find himself without his Mistress, without Her collar and without a home. With this sobering thought matan is not expecting much sleep tonight either.
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Daily Journal Saturday 6 September 2008
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