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 matan's report

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PostSubject: matan's report   September 5th 2008, 9:05 pm

This report is in three parts. The first part will cover the proper behavior of a slave on Gor while the second part will look at the carelessness of matanís behavior. The third part will cover the steps that matan will take to correct his behavior that he has already been counselled on before.

Part One Ė Proper behavior of a slave on Gor

The role of a Gorean slave or kajirus is that to be simply pleasing and to serve the Free. This can be be defined in three important words, greet, kneel and serve. When a slave arrives at a home which is not his he must first kneel and beg entry. If permission is granted then the slave must then greet the Free in the correct order and then other slaves by using the greeting Tal. Once the the greetings are over the slave must then offer to serve. Not only that but as soon as a Free visits then the slave must await until they have settled and then immediately kneel before them and offer to serve. Sometimes they will be asked to wait until required but that still means absolute attention must be maintained at all times.

A slave exists just to serve and to please, nothing more, nothing less. Any Free entering a room and encountering a slave would expect nothing less then perfection. They would look to that slave and await to be served, not have to attract that slaves attention. If they declined the serve there is no reason that they would not want to be served later which is why the slave must anticipate that and be prepared and ready.

A slave should take pleasure from serving, and to satisfy the demands of the Free must be their only goal. This can only be achieved by devoting themselves entirely to their purpose and by paying constant attention. To make the Free happy and comfortable is the key to a good slave, and in any case that is what a slave is for. Therefore a slave must be pleasant and cheerful at all times These are facts and a slave must not lose sight of them. And when in a home a slave must listen to every word that is said as they may be called upon at anytime to attend to a Free.

A slave should always pay attention in the home at all times. It is what they are there for. To watch, listen and offer to serve when appropriate. To ignore them is to show disrespect. The Free come first always, there can be no exceptions. For instance if a Free were to visit and were ignored then it is an insult to their status and that of the room. This reflects badly on both slave and his Master or Mistress .

It is far easier for a slave to pay attention when there are few Free in a home. There are less distractions and the slave's mind can focus better. At other times a home can be very busy and therefore is is vital that the slave remains fully focused. Just looking away for a moment could mean missing that vital summons, and talking to others just makes that failing even more inevitable. Likewise a slave should not react to other things going on in a room that don't concern them.

Respect is the most important factor here. A slave can not serve and be pleasing if they do not show respect for the Free and not paying attention is showing disrespect. If a slave feels they are unable to pay due attention for whatever reason then they shouldn't be in the room in the first place. It is simple as that. They should beg to leave and not return until they are ready to serve with absolute 100% focus. Respect must also be shown to other slaves at all times.

All these things should be engraved into a slave's heart, for without it they will never make a useful slave.

Part Two Ė the carelessness of matanís behavior

This is an area of some concern as matan has not been at his best in serving or in his general behavior recently. Carelessness and forgetfulness are the main reasons for this. By far the worst example of this has been slapping. Although not done on purpose or to seek attention it is nonetheless unforgivable and totally unacceptable behavior on Gor. The first time could be construed as a genuine accident and an unfortunate slip, but the second time was just complete and unneccessary carelessness which deserves to be punished severly.

A Master and his slave were the regrettably hurt parties in this latest incident and the fact that matan was preparing to offer service to another Free is no excuse for what can only be described as sheer thoughtlessness in a situation where he should have know better. Not only this but great embarressment was caused to his Mistress in having to witness this appalling action in front of several other Free in the home at the time. Goodness only knows what She must think of him especially after all the time and effort She has invested on him.

Forgetfulness has also played a role in recent events. Whether forgetting how to serve correctly or not assuming the correct position when ordered, such behavior is not called for or desirable in any home let alone this one. matan has only himself to blame for this and he has been on Gor long enough now to realise his shortcomings. Although this carelessness is often the result of a deep desire to be pleasing at all times, it is not good enough to just serve without thinking what actually is required of him in the first place.

Part Three Ė how matan will correct the carelessness of his behavior

Having already been counselled on his behavior matan will have to make sure such events are firmly a thing of the past or else more punishments are likely to be forthcoming. He can do this by paying much more attention and being very careful to think and look before he carries out a task or action. More discipline is required from him and he must focus on the job on hand and not on other things that might be going on around him which have nothing to do with him. Rest assured there will be no more slapping as matanís ability to commit this transgression has now been totally removed.

matan will also need to be aware that all his actions however good or bad reflect on his Mistress and therefore he must ensure he eradicates any negative behavior from now on. He must concentrate fully on pleasing the Free of the home that he is so fortunate to be allowed to live in. Recalling exactly how the Free desire to be served and remembering the various slave positions are essential to make matan an acceptable slave of this home as there are many Free who visit this home and expect only the highest standards of service, a reputation that this home is famous for and one that matan most do his upmost to uphold.

To end this report matan can only apologise once more for what has gone before and promise on his slave heart that there will never be a repeat of such inappropriate behavior that gives the Free of this home such great cause for concern.
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matan's report
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