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 Bronze Suite prepared for Master Ah`Kaga

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PostSubject: Bronze Suite prepared for Master Ah`Kaga   August 29th 2008, 9:02 pm

<@Ah`Kaga> my needs are few
<@Ah`Kaga> like I said
<@Ah`Kaga> dry and warm
* jewel{WI} shakes as she holds her laughter within
<+Kateryn> well
* +Kateryn clears My throat
<+Kateryn> bronze or copper?
<@Ah`Kaga> how about brass?
<@Laecheln> and all this time you told me you like it hot and wet Ah`Kaga will you make up your mind ..
<+Kateryn> I don't believe we have a brass one
* +Kateryn takes down the bronze key for the bronze suite, hands it to Ah`Kaga
<@Ah`Kaga> close enough!
* +Kateryn hugs Ah`Kaga
<+Kateryn> go jewels
* jewel{WI} wiggles her backside into speed and hurries as she scurries across the floor, winking to the Master Ah`Kaga as she passes close by and attempts to hurry up the stairs with as much grace as she can hurring in a sirik of silver
<@Ah`Kaga> don't fall girl!
* jewel{WI} glances back to the Master wiggling her fingers in a wave as she finally made it to the top and heads down the hall to the bronze suite for the Master
* +Kateryn watches Ah`Kaga watch jewels
<@Ah`Kaga> grins and watches Sister Kate watch me watching her watching me watching jewels
* jewel{WI} each step chimes its way as the chain sings out it song with each step, goes to the door with the bronze plate on firm thick door as she opens it and walks in with a smile
* jewel{WI} first thing in any room she is commanded to make up she hurries to the windows to let in the fresh air, steps to the middle of the room and looks about, spins on her toes and goes to the bathroom area making it presentable for the Master, taking time to bring out the male scent of soap, hit of bay with a hint of pepper, takes a deep intake of the scent noting how well it will be for the Master
* jewel{WI} the deep brown towels are layed out, returns to the main room of the suite and quickly attends to making up the sleep couch, and fluffing the pillows, opening the chest and drawing out a few slave furs for the floor as well, and as in all the rooms the slave chain is loosely coiled and draped over the edge. Going to the hearth, she stacks some wood there for show,
* jewel{WI} closes the window some and hurries out and back to the Main Inn down the stairs and quickly looks about, hurries to the Master Ah`Kaga feet and kneels there a little breathless saying
<jewel{WI}> Master the Bronze Suite has been aired and freshened for you, this slave hopes it will be pleasing and relaxing when you chose to retire
<@Ah`Kaga> * leans forward, extending a hand to draw the girl closer
<@Ah`Kaga> well done girl
<@Ah`Kaga> and Most pleasing!
* jewel{WI} smiles warmly
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Bronze Suite prepared for Master Ah`Kaga
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