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 Red Suite - prepared for Jarl KynKaid

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PostSubject: Red Suite - prepared for Jarl KynKaid   August 29th 2008, 8:53 pm

* KynKaid clears My throat and takes a drink of water
<KynKaid> Well ok then
* Kateryn listens curiously
<KynKaid> long time ago, you all once offered a Man of the North a spot in the Home...well the question is, is that spot still open
* Sha`mar pulls Sis ears out so she can hear
* KynKaid clears My throat again
<Tarl_Redhair> yes it is
* Kateryn smiles to Tarl
* Kateryn smiles to KynKaid
<KynKaid> well then I'll accept it
<Kateryn> jewels, ready the red room, please
<Tarl_Redhair> welcome home KK
* Kateryn claps happily
<jewel{WI}> yes Mistress
* Sha`mar looks at brother Jarl KK
<Kateryn> wonderful KynKaid, welcome Home!
<KynKaid> thanks thanks
<Sha`mar> welcome KynKaid
<{wolfsong}> congratulations, Jarl
* jewel{WI} rises and heads off up the stairway, moving to the FM section and hurries past several until comes to the Red Room, pushes the door open hearing the hinge creek slightly and then rushes about getting the room ready
<Tarl_Redhair> Wraith^ do you mind if wolfie helps jewel
<Wraith^> not at all
<Tarl_Redhair> wolfie help jewel
<{wolfsong}> yes Master
<Tarl_Redhair> make sure he has master key to alcoves
<Sha`mar> he must be picking up his junk
* Kateryn goes to the cabinet, takes out a scroll scribbles quickly on it with the quill and ink, puts it back, takes out a large ring of keys, finds the one with the red tag, takes it off the ring, locks the cabinet back, crosses to KynKaid, smiles to Him, and holds out the key
<Tarl_Redhair> and one of our nasty slave whips
* jewel{WI} listens to the pattering of feet in the hall and grins knowing ying will be about shortly
* {wolfsong} slips off of her Master's lap...soft steps weaving through the filling room before she moves in behind jewels...pinching her butt, she steps into the room behind her sister...
* {wolfsong} slurps yang's cheek before rushing about the room...reaching the cabinet, she pulls out fresh sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter...
* jewel{WI} jumps and squeaks at the pinch as she turns and laughs at her sister, picking up a head rest pillow and tosses it to her
* KynKaid takes the key from Kate
* {wolfsong} catches the pillow, laughing...she fluffs it up thick and soft before settling it to the side...the fresh sheets flung wide as she goes about making the bed...the comforter settling on top of the wind kissed sheets in a silken haze before she settles the head rest pillow at the headboard...turning to see what her sister is doing
* jewel{WI} steps behind her ying, wiping the slurps then moves about opening the window and spreading out the furs on the clean floor, curling the chain under the sleepign couch then winking to ying
* Kateryn hugs KynKaid quickly before going back to the cabinet
* {wolfsong} takes the basket from beside the bed...returning to the cabinet doors, she fills the basket with scented oils for the Jarl's pleasure...turning back to the bedside table, she settles the basket down...before turning back to the room
* Kateryn opens the door to the yellow and brown suite, and points the girls to this one next when they are done with the red suite
* jewel{WI} chatters with ying, then stops and turns hearing the soft slipper feet of Mistress approach
* {wolfsong} slips into the bathroom...reaching into the cabinet, she fills another basket with scented soaps, oils, and bath beads...
* jewel{WI} nods to the Mistress and then goes looking for ying to tell her of another suite of rooms to work on
* {wolfsong} pops out of the bathroom after lighting the candles for ambience...meeting her sister in the main room
* jewel{WI} slips down the stairs going quickly to Mistress Kateryn and softly whispering
* Kateryn leans to hear the girl's whisper
<jewel{WI}> the Red suite will be finished soon Mistress
<Kateryn> good
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Red Suite - prepared for Jarl KynKaid
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