Dedicated to the activities within the Gorean channel #Warrior_Inn.
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 3rd Warrior Suite - for Master Warlok

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PostSubject: 3rd Warrior Suite - for Master Warlok   August 29th 2008, 1:25 pm

<&Kateryn> ready the 3rd Warrior suite, please, harta
* jewel{WI} lifts up her head hearing her Mistress then chirps out
<jewel{WI}> yes Mistress, 3rd suite of Warriors
* jewel{WI} jumps up quickly and heads to the stairway, the soft film of silks fluttering with each step as her well toned body and legs carry her tall and straight, the bounce of brown waves highlight her back and curves
* &Kateryn takes the key off the ring of suite keys and hands it to Warlok
* jewel{WI} climbes each stairs in even pace, then at top rushes turning the right corner in the opposite direction of the FW quarters
<&Kateryn> welcome home Warlok!
* +Warlok hands the suite key to sadiya...... 0Later I'll have you prepare my bed
<+Warlok> Thank you Kateryn, it's good to be home
* jewel{WI} counts the doors and then nudges the great heavy door open and slips inside, moving first to the window to open and allow a fresh breath of air cleanse as well as cool the room, steps to the trunk in the corner drawing out clean sleeping cloths for the couch
<&Kateryn> and itís good to have You!
* jewel{WI} eyes of green darken as she seeks out the lamp and strikes a lighting stick to the wick, then to the small hearth and places some kindling and sets some wood, then strikes another burning stick to it, watches the glow of yellow and orange
* jewel{WI} taking her time to be sure the room is tidy, placing some towels by the tub for the Master bath if he chooses, then again goes to the trunk and bringing out some sleeping furs for his couch
* jewel{WI} sets the room right, then slips out and heads back down to the Inn, nods to the Mistress saying the Warriors room is ready.
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3rd Warrior Suite - for Master Warlok
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